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Mediation engages a licensed attorney, acting as a neutral, to help disputing parties reach an agreement. It is a more cost effective, time efficient, and co-operative route to dispute resolutions. Working with a mediator allows the parties to craft an agreement that is favorable for all sides, as opposed to having a judge make the decisions.

Types of Disputes

There are two types of mediation, civil mediation and domestic relations mediation.

  • Civil mediation typically involves parties that have no familial relationship (i.e. business partner, municipalities, personal injury cases etc.).

  • Distinctively, domestic relations mediation typically involves parties that have or have had a familial relationship (i.e. custody disputes, divorce, guardianship disputes etc.). 

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Advantages of Mediation

  • More cost effective than litigation.

  • Time efficient, parties control when, where, and for how long they will mediate.

  • Parties have more control over the outcome.

  • Parties decide a favorable resolution as opposed to having a judge decide for them.

  • Does not require the parties to waive their legal rights.

Cost and Time

Depending on the issue that needs a resolution, mediation can take from a couple of hours to two four hour sessions. We charge a flat rate for our mediation services. For more information on our rates please contact us.

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